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No major fluctuation in temperature affordable option

10 years ago we wanted to extend the house by fitting a large conservatory. The main aim was to have a place that we could sit, relax and enjoy our garden all year round. Hence the low wall and larger windows.

Malmesbury Wiltshire

Over time it became apparent that in the winter it became to cold without all the heaters on and too hot in the height of the summer. We tried blinds and a ceiling fan, but they are pretty ugly and became dated very soon after.


Like all plastic roofs they started to show there age and cleaning became a tricky job.

Over the years it has started to look dated and we now see it as an ugly “White Plastic Box” on the side of the house. We still enjoy the space and views from the inside, but the outside frustrates us.

We were out at a friends BBQ when we noticed his “White Plastic Box” had been converted. Our initial thoughts were that he had his conservatory removed and a extension fitted.

The idea of an insulated light weight roof with realistic matching tiles was very appealing. He was delighted with his new roof. The benefits were plain to see.


Visually appealing.
Easy to clean
No major fluctuation in temperature
Affordable option